Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Agile Software Development and Product Management!

Handling your software projects with the fastest turn around time possible requires agile software development. This is the most advanced form of software process involved. The need of the hour is to employ innovative methods of creation of programming tools. Attain greater productivity and improve quality in the flow of work. Product management is involved in the analysis, design and development, testing and implementation of the project.

There is a need for open collaboration which provides scope for open communication. Clients must be updated about the project on a timely basis in order to figure out defects in the initial stage itself. This allows for fixing of technical problems in its conceptualization stage itself. With Agile software development, there is enough scope for change in project specification even in the last stage.

Arranging conference calls, sending weekly reports on the status of the project, project tracking and updating plans, implementation of innovative marketing strategies involve a good insight of the modern project management techniques. Conduct meetings to supervise the product at every stage of development. Keep your communication channels open and incorporate the changes asked for. Do away with the flaws in the initial stage itself.

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