Thursday, July 22, 2010

Real Time Computing Constraints – Solved with Embedded Systems!

Often, when you have real time computing constraints, you make use of embedded system which lets you carry out one or more functions. These systems are found in portable devices like MP3 players, DVD players, factory controllers, digital watches, digi Cameras, video games, controlling systems like nuclear power plants and huge stationary installations such as traffic lights.

Traffic lights consist of mainframe computers and a proper network connection from the radar site to airports. These are basically air controlled traffic lights. The radar comprises of a single system or may involve more number of embedded systems. This software system has revolutionised the mobile communication too. Advancement in technology has made life simpler!

Modern life has been made simpler with its mobile phones and its inbuilt software. Similarly, factory controllers have been used in factories and air traffic controller for traffic control in the air. Advanced HVAC systems use networked thermostats to more accurately and efficiently controlled temperature that can change by time of day and season. Personal Digital Assistant is no exclusion to this list. It makes use of the advanced software known as the embedded systems.

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