Thursday, July 22, 2010

SOA – A Challenge to Organisations

Service as an architecture is a challenge to many organisations. It needs a lot of preparation to implement this in your own organisation. Firstly, you need a sound technical leader or manager who comprehends the term SOA. He must be capable of setting up a strategic vision. If the company has to realise its vision, there is a need to have a strong offshore consultant who complements with the work of the technical leader.

Approach consultants who have a proven track record of offering Service Oriented Architecture. This will assure you of quality service and successful implementation of the project. You can keep your clients happy by meeting their technical requirements or may be exceed their expectations.

An organisation should prepare itself towards the implementation of Service oriented architecture. There is a need to have a technical team which comprises of data architects, enterprise architects, process modellers, security specialists, process analysts, integration specialists. On the whole, it should help you with maximizing your Return on Investment. Hire a technical leader who possesses both people and business skills. He should also have an eye for detail and manage his team members involved in the process of testing and implementing as well.

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