Tuesday, February 22, 2011

All about Engineering Optimization

In order to achieve the desired results of designing in engineering and its applications optimization techniques are often used. This is called Engineering Optimization. The other name of Engineering Optimization is Design Optimization. The topics with which it deals include shape optimization, inverse optimization, processing planning, structural design, topographical optimization, product designs and many others. Under the section of Structural design, comes the design of welded beams and pressure vessels etc. Topological optimization includes airfoil among others.

There are in general, three methods or techniques used to solve the problems of such optimization. These are evolutionary algorithms also known as genetic algorithms, more popular in its short form GA; traditional deterministic algorithms and metaheuristic algorithms.

In order to solve simple problems, the common traditional algorithms like hill climbing and the Hooke-Jeeves pattern search finds wide application. For problems that are more complex, the evolutionary strategies and algorithms are more widely used. The most recent among these are however the metaheuristic algorithms that are very promising as well. Among the metaheuristic algorithms are genetic algorithms, simulated annealing, harmony search, particle swarm optimization, differential evolution and many more of them.

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