Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Development in the Healthcare Sector in India

Due to the lack of general awareness and proper public health services, India had been lagging far behind other countries in the healthcare sector. This scenario has, however, altered greatly in the past couple of years, and healthcare development has been taking place at quite a rapid pace in India. At a study that was conducted in 2007, by certain global consultants, it was revealed that there would be a huge growth in the health care consumption of India, which was estimated to be as much as USD 190 billion from its then size of USD 25 billion. That meant a whopping growth rate of 10.8%. It should however be admitted, that, a considerable development of healthcare has taken place and is still on going, and that too at a very rapid pace and today, it is expected that the amount will already become USD 70 billion as soon as in 2012.

Among some of the main problems that prohibit the development of the healthcare sector in India are:

Lack of funds: this is one of the most serious problems imposed on healthcare development in India. Due to this, the clinics are quite often found to be dingy, clumsy and dirty, some of the factors which lead to an unhealthy atmosphere. Due to the same reasons the clinic managers are unable to recruit staffs and the ratio of patients is quite higher than that of the doctors and physicians. The ratio can be estimated at .06 doctors per 1000 patients.

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