Monday, January 3, 2011

Application Software: The Development of soul for any Hardware System

Well, software in general term refers to a collection of procedures, programs and documentation that perform specific tasks on a computer system. In more simple words, the parts of your body constitute the hardware part and brain is the software which controls and co-ordinates the hardware parts. There are mainly two types of software, System Software and Application Software. System software is one which provides an interface between the hardware and the user. A common example would be the operating system on which you are working on right now.

Application software is computer software designed to help the user perform single or multiple tasks. It helps to solve problems in the real world. It also helps in manipulating texts, numbers, graphics or a combination of these. Till date, application software has been classified into many types:

Enterprise Infrastructure software, Content Access software, Entertainment software, Media Development software, Educational software, Product Engineering software, Simulation software.

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