Monday, January 3, 2011

A Systematic Approach for Problem solving and Cost Effectiveness

We have been depending on computer software directly or indirectly for a long time and I believe life to be very hard for anyone to even imagine without any computers and software products around. The main reason for people to use the software products is that to make their task a lot easier and in reality, they actually do by taking off the user’s burden. Recently the demands for proper software are high and this is the reason for the developers to be one of the highest paying professionals today.

It is really hard to imagine a super market without cashing software or a computer without an operating system and a browser being used to read this article; these are also software. I would really appreciate the efforts of developers of every software who help in minimizing the tough tasks of a customer. So what is that which makes the software to be so effectively executable with minimum or no flaws? During the development of every software product, it is imposed by a developmental process structure called Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Earlier writing software had no procedures to be followed, some try to carry out projects without any project management. The result being software products delivered late to the customer and seemingly crossed the budget. With a huge number of software products not meeting their expectations with respect to its functionality, delivery time and the cost, we observe the fact that effective project management is somewhere missing.

Today software development is not only based on addressing to the customer needs, but also ensures that effective software is developed.

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