Monday, January 3, 2011

SaaS: The Future is Here!

With the development of technology accelerating towards perfection, lives of people have been made easier. One of the many children of technology, the software industry, has also grown by leaps and bounds so as to have integrated itself with each move of our day-to-day life. The prodigious development of the software field has reduced the bulk of hardware used in those days of black and white movies and has brought our world to live in the 5th generation world of Laptops, Android mobiles along with the Facebook and the Google. The necessity of using bulky hardware to run vital software has been reduced and with the formulation of the Cloud and SaaS, things are going to get much simpler than they are now.

Now the question arises. What is the ‘Cloud’ mean? Well, for starters, cloud computing is internet based computing where joint servers administer the resources comprising of the data, software and other services. Saas , the abbreviated form of Software as a Service, uses the Cloud, to deploy its software thereby reducing the usage resources on your hardware.

By now you would have guessed the two commonly used Saas products, and one of which would have already got you addicted to it. Yes, they are the Facebook and the Google. You don’t have anything that is stored on your PC to access either of them and all you need is the browser which connects you with the internet. Any Saas product works on the browser but it might require you to pay like the SalesForce and Simplify360 or it may be either free like the Google search engine and Facebook. There are many other popular Saas applications that are targeted at different sectors and grades of the population and of different variety including the GrooveShark (similar to iTunes), Survey Monkey (for business surveys), Aviary (a free product that’s ver similar to the Photoshop) and the CoTweet (one of many Saas which works on Twitter).

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