Monday, January 3, 2011

E-Commerce Consulting Services

E-Commerce Consulting deals with retail and online industries spanning brick & mortar, catalog and e-commerce channels. It helps companies of all sizes with merchandising, marketing, product development, website operations and strategic planning for the online world.

E-commerce is undeniably a part of everyday consumer life. Much as we predicted years ago, consumers have woven the web into a shopping process that now spans channels, devices and touch points. The internet influences nearly half of all retail sales. In spite of online transaction, the web plays a vital role for the discovery, research, and consideration & decision process. E-commerce has become a specialized discipline, or rather, a set of specialized disciplines. For many companies who are either in the early stages of online selling or who to whom digital DNA is not a given, the "e" is necessary, as it provides a foundational symbol for a specialized core competency.

A critical decision manufacturer’s face when establishing their e-commerce presence is "What is the meaning of life?", or more practically, "What is our site's role in e-commerce?" The obvious answers of "we want to sell more product" and "we want to build our brand" immediately surface, but the how you plan to achieve more sales or build a brand can be much more interesting and complex. While manufacturer websites are cited as one of the first places shoppers go to get product information, these sites, while growing, aren't getting a lion's share of the online sales.

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