Monday, January 3, 2011

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Some of the benefits of Cloud Computing:

1. Availability of large computing infrastructure on need basis. For e.g. FIFA world Cup site gets high traffic once in 4 years. So for that particular month a server can be made use of instead of installing a server and maintaining it every year.

2. It uses a “pay-for-what-you-use” billing model.

3. It does not involve any long term commitments to use the cloud infrastructure.

4. It involves less capital expenditure.

5. The data is available and accessible from any location.

Cloud computing is developing fast and is catching the attention of almost all the big corporate. Research also shows that companies which have already embraced cloud computing have significantly cut their operating costs and is achieving huge profits. In the earlier days, with computers working all alone at a single site (home or business), the internet has changed it completely through the invention of clouds. Form e-mail to Word processing and Photo Sharing works for everyone. In simple terms Cloud computing offers more choices and worry less over technologies and focus on what really matters.

Some of the major Cloud providers in the industry are : Amazon, Rackspace Cloud, Salesforce and Microsoft.

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