Monday, January 3, 2011

Cloud Computing: Sailing through the Internet Storms

Imagine you are in need of milk, so would you go and buy a cow for it?? This is the analogy behind Cloud computing. We all are aware of the fact that clouds in the sky are responsible for getting storms; in the same way even cloud computing is responsible for gathering Storms across the internet based industries. Cloud computing is a technology that makes use of the internet, central remote servers and applications to maintain your personal data.

It allows the user (business and individuals) to use the applications and services without having to install any, and access the user data from anywhere in the world through any device connected to the internet. A Typical example would be your email applications like Gmail and Ymail. Here you need not have a server or software to use them.

The cloud computing concept is composed of three segments:

• Application
This segment has proved itself to be useful as a business model. This helps the companies to reduce the maintenance costs, hardware costs and licensing costs. Some of the companies offering application software are SAP and Oracle.

• Infrastructure
This segment of cloud computing is the backbone of the concept and allows users to build applications within the cloud. The key examples being Google Gears and Amazon’s S3

• Platforms
This segment of cloud computing refers to products that are used to deploy the internet. The main companies to develop this segment are Netsuite, Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

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